Stephens Main Irrigation Line

Stephens Main irrigation line in Esparto, CA Yolo County

Type or Service:
Wet and dry utilities

Esparto, CA Yolo County

Materials Used:
PVC pipe, concrete, rebar

install 15" – 18" – 21" PVC irrigation pipe, concrete pads, and concrete irrigation stand pipes. Pull out, haul off, and dispose of 1,800 lineal feet of concrete lined ditch.

• Met with the owner to determine the pathway of the new irrigation line, the concrete stand pipes, and the connection points into the existing line.
• Pulled out the concrete lined ditch and loaded it into ten wheel dump trucks. Hauled it off and disposed of it.
• Dug the trenches for the new irrigation line..
• Excavated two areas for the concrete standpipes
• Set forms, installed ½" rebar, and poured concrete slabs for the concrete standpipes.
• Installed concrete standpipes.
• Installed 300′ of 15" PVC pipe, 900′ of 18" PVC pipe, and 600′ of 21" PVC pipe.
• Connected the joints into the concrete standpipe.
• Custom built the connection from the existing concrete lined ditch to the 15" PVC pipe.
• Backfilled the trench over the pipe approximately 6".
• Filled the new PVC irrigation pipe with water.
• Flooded the trench with water to allow for settlement around the pipe.
• Finished backfilling of the trenches and around the concrete standpipes.

Project Duration:
15 days


Project Images: