McCoy Driveway

McCoy Driveway paved encroachment Esparto, CA Yolo County

Type or Service:
Roads, driveway, finish grading

Esparto, CA Yolo County

Materials Used:
¾" Class 2 Road Base Gravel, ½" Asphalt

Road/driveway grading & graveling, paved driveway entrance/encroachment

• Met with the owner to determine the location and pathway of the new road/driveway.
• Set up the laser equipment and laid out for the new road/driveway grades to elevate the road/driveway above the existing elevation.
• filled, graded, watered and compacted the dirt/soil from on site to elevate the driveway/road.
• Imported, placed, graded, watered, and compacted ¾" class 2 road bases on the driveway/road.
• Laid out and set grades for the new paved driveway encroachment/ entrance.
• Imported, placed, graded, and compacted 3" of ½" asphalt in the driveway/road encroachment/entrance.
• Shouldered up the new paved encroachment/entrance using ¾" class 2 base gravel.

Project Duration:
2 days

Project Images: