Jan Davis road and house pad

Jan Davis road and house pad Esparto CA Yolo County

Type or Service:
Building pads, house pads, storm water drainage, culvert crossings, roads, driveways

Esparto, CA Yolo County

Materials Used:
Corrugated metal pipe (CMP) ¾ road base rock, ¾ crushed screened rock, dirt/ soil

Build up a house pad using dirt / soil from on site, grade and gravel the road / driveway, cut drainage swales along the road / driveway, install 18″ CMP

• Met with the owner to determine the new house pad location and new driveway location.
• Arranged for a soils report and testing.
• Laid out the corners of the house pad area and laid out the pathway of the road/driveway.
• Scafired the bottom of the house pad area, moisture conditioned with water and compacted with a sheeps foot padded compactor, had compaction testing performed.
• Excavated the top 2′ of the dirt/soil borrow area and stockpiled it due to the fact that the soils engineer determined that this soil was unsuitable for a building/house pad.
• Excavated, placed graded, watered, and compacted fill dirt/soil out of the borrow pit on the house pad to elevate it approx.4.5′ above the existing grade.
• Had compaction testing performed at each 1.5′ of placed fill.
• Finish graded the building/house pad to within .05 of one inch using laser guided equipment.
• Cut drainage swales along the new road/driveway, Placed, graded, watered and compacted the dirt/soil from the swales on the road to elevate the road surface.
• Laid out for the culvert pipe crossing. set up laser equipment.  Dug the trench for the culvert pipe.
• Installed 60′ of 18″ CMP in the trench.  Bedded the pipe with ¾” crushed screened rock.
• Excavated 12″ below the existing grade parallel with the county road for 50′ and into the property from the county road for 30′ for the driveway/road encroachment/entrance.

Project Duration:
8 days


Project Images: