Indian Valley Camp Site

Indian Valley Camp Site – Septic system repair, bathroom replumbing, and installation of a new standard gravity flow leach field in Glenhaven, CA Lake County

Type or Service:
Septic system, wet and dry utilities

Glenhaven, CA Upper Lake, CA Lake County

Materials Used:
4″ ABS pipe and fittings, 4″ cast iron pipe and fittings, 4″ perforated pipe and fittings, 1 ½” double washed drain rock, sand, C-45NW fabric

Remove the old sewer line plumbing from the His and Her Bathrooms and replace it with ABS pipe and fittings.  Install new cast iron pipe and fittings from the bathrooms to the septic tanks.  Install 800 lineal feet of standard gravity flow leach line.

• Met with the owner’s representative and the county official to determine the size and location of the new leach line.
• Met with the owner’s representative to determine the scope of the plumbing repair needed in the His and Her Bathrooms.
• Secured the permits from the County Health Department.
• Removed all of the old plumbing from the bathroom and septic tanks.
• Replaced the plumbing in the bathrooms and the septic tanks.
• Installed new leach lines.
• Had the plumbing and the leach lines inspected by the County Inspector.
• Backfilled and graded of the work site.

Project Duration:
8 days