Gorman Lane Storm Drain, Grading & Graveling

Gorman Lane Storm Drain, Grading & Graveling Woodland, CA Yolo County

Type or Service:
Roads, driveways, parking lots, storm water drainage

Woodland, CA Yolo County

Materials Used:
Concrete drop inlets (DI), ¾ crushed rock, ADS plastic culvert pipe, concrete, rebar

Install six concrete DIs.  Install 12″ ADS plastic culvert pipe.  Regrade the surrounding parking lot and driveway for drainage.  Gravel the parking lot and driveway / road areas.  Custom build steel grates for the DIs.

• Met with the owner to determine the locations of the new DIs.
• Pot holed the existing storm drain lines to determine the pipe elevations.
• Laid out for the DIs and the new storm drain line.
• Set up the laser equipment and set grades for the storm drain pipe trenches and DIs.
• Dug the trenches for the storm drain lines and excavated out six locations for the DIs.
• Set concrete forms and installed rebar for the DIs.  Poured concrete slabs for the DIs.
• Set the DIs.  Installed the storm drain piping and gravel bedded it with ¾ crushed rock.  Connected the storm drain lines to the DIs.
• Backfilled and compacted the trenches and around the DIs up to the existing grade using excavated dirt / soil.
• Regraded the road / driveway and parking lot areas for drainage into the new DIs.
• Imported, placed, graded, and roller compacted ¾ crushed rock on the road / driveway and parking lot areas.
• Custom built DI grates and installed the grates on the concrete DIs.

Project Duration:
8 days


Project Images: