Currie Culvert Crossing

Currie culvert crossing in Woodland, CA Yolo County

Type or Service:
Underground utilities, excavation, grading

Woodland, CA Yolo County

Materials Used:
96″ steel culvert pipe, cobbles, C45 NW fabric, ¾” class 2 aggregate base gravel

Installation of a 96″ culvert crossing for a driveway entrance off of the county road.

• Built a temporary dam in a ditch to divert the water away from the work site.
• Cleared and grubbed the ditch line in the work area.
• Excavated the flow line of the ditch to approx. 2′ below the existing flow line.
• Installed cobbles in the excavated flow line to make a stable bottom to install the culvert on.
• Installed 40′ of 96″ corrugated metal pipe (CMP).
• Placed cobbles around the CMP approximately half way up the sides to achieve a firm base around the CMP.
• Placed C45 NW fabric over the cobbles.
• Backfilled and compacted over the fabric and 18″ over the top of the CMP.
• Imported, placed, graded, and compacted 6″ of ¾” class 2 aggregate base gravel on top of the fill over the CMP.
• Placed cobbles on the inlet and the outlet of the CMP embankments for erosion control.
• Removed the temporary dam to allow original water flow.

Project Duration:
2 days


Project Images: