Costello Reservoir, dam, roads, drainage project

Costello Reservoir, Dam, Roads & Drainage in Capay Valley, Yolo County.

Type or Service:
Reservoir, culvert crossings, roads/driveways, storm water, drainage, finish grading

Brooks, CA in Yolo County

Materials Used:
3/4" road base gravel, 10", 12" & 24" ADS plastic double wall culvert pipe, ¾ crushed rock, straw waddles

Excavated an area 70′ x 100’x 4′ and compacted excavated material back for a building pad

• Met with the owner at the site to help them determine the best location for the reservoir
• Excavated a keyway 3′ deep by 30′ wide by the length of the base of the dam
• Placed and compacted the excavated material in the keyway area
• Excavated material out of the reservoir site to generate the material for the earthen dam
• Placed, compacted, and graded the material to construct the earthen dam
• Excavated a trench through the dam for the glory hole overflow pipe
• Installed the glory hole overflow pipe and backfilled and compacted the trench over the pipe
• Graded and graveled the road around the reservoir and across the dam.

Project Duration:
30 days


Project Images: