Burnett Ranch Culvert crossing, road,chip sealing

Burnett Ranch – Culvert Crossing, Road, & Chip Sealing Capay Valley, Yolo County

Type or Service:
Roads, driveways, parking lots, finish grading, chip seal, culvert crossings

Brooks, CA Capay Valley Yolo County

Materials Used:
¾” crushed rock, ¾” AB, concrete, 3/8″ chips, road oil, 30″ ADS plastic culvert pipe, Caltrans spec. slope protection rip-rap rock, C-300 slope protection fabric

Removal of the existing brick curb. Replacement and upsizing of the existing culvert. Regrading and graveling of the road and parking area. Installation of new concrete curbs. Chip seal road, driveway and parking areas


  • Dug out the existing culvert. Hauled off and disposed of the pipe
  • Set up the laser equipment and shot grades at the upstream and downstream end for the new culvert and calculated the slope.
  • Excavated the trench for the new culvert crossing
  • Installed 40′ of 30″ ADS plastic culvert plastic culvert pipe
  • Constructed forms at each end of the culvert pipe for the concrete head walls
  • Poured the concrete for the head walls and stripped the forms the next day
  • Bedded the culvert pipe with ¾” crushed rock and then backfilled and compacted over the pipe back up to the existing grade using ¾” A.B.
  • Placed the C-300 slope protection fabric at each end of the culvert pipe. Imported and placed Caltrans Spec. slope protection rip-rap rock over the fabric
  • Removed, hauled off, and disposed of the brick curbs
  • Set up the laser equipment to shoot grades of the driveway and parking areas to calculate the slope needed for the new drainage
  • Regarded the driveway and parking areas for drainage. Added ¾ A.B. as needed
  • Laid out for the new concrete curbs, dug footings for concrete curbs, set form boards and installed rebar
    VPoured concrete for the new curbs, stripped the form boards the same day and faced the curbs
  • Imported, placed, graded, and compacted ¾” A.B. next to the new concrete curbs
  • Regraded and graveled the road to prepare it for chip seal
  • Chip sealed the road, driveway, and parking area
  • Fog sealed over the chip seal

Project Duration:
14 days

Project Images: